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This is the website of Mark Robert Henderson. He lives in Cape Ann, works in Cambridge, and plays with distributed apps and tech philosophy online.

Mark's social media presence is slowly and deliberately withering away, so the best way to reach him is via e-mail.

Blog Posts

Pushing the Limits of IPFS and OrbitDB

24 January, 2018

I’ve had my eye on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) project for since at least 2016. It’s the brand-new, content-addressed, non…

On Stuart Russell's "Safer Rules of Robotics", and Beyond

18 January, 2018

An email came in recently where the sender referenced both Isaac Asimov’s famous Three Rules of Robotics and Stuart Russell’s updated “…

Podcast Transcription with Amazon Transcribe

17 January, 2018

Transcribing podcasts is one of the most painstaking and time-consuming parts of being a podcaster. I was delighted when I recieved the…

Amazon Transcribe Ad-Hoc Documentation

17 January, 2018

At the time of this writing, the API reference in the docs is… well… let’s just say it Leaves something to be desired Luckily, the zip file…

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your “Pay What You Want” Pricing Strategy

19 November, 2017

There are two types of customer-driven pricing schemes: “Name your own price” and “Pay what you want.” The difference is that in the latter…

What is a Digital Object Identifier (DOI)?

29 June, 2017

If you’ve ever looked through scientific papers, trade journals, or data sets you’ve likely encountered a Digital Object Identifier. This…

Why We Shouldn’t Make Cape Ann an Innovation Hub

06 June, 2017

How many of you have seen the movie Manchester-by-the-Sea? That’s where I live — in the seaside hamlet of the same name. It shares region of…

“Monads,” huh? Bro, have you even read Leibniz?

30 January, 2017

The practice of functional programming is pinned upon the concept of “monads” — small functions that lift types from simple to complex…

Human Rights in the Context of AI and Technology Ethics

24 December, 2016

This article aims to give a brief historical context of human rights, followed by implications centered around Artificial Intelligence and…

The Man in the High Castle, Leibniz, and The Best of All Possible Realities

21 November, 2015

Philip K. Dick adaptations are dog whistles for me. I believe that Rutger Hauer’s improvisation at the end of Blade Runner is a top five…