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🌌 OrbitDB
P2P databases for the distributed web, build on CRDTs
🦀 Rust IPFS
A Rust implementation of the Interplanetary File System
📈 TallyLab
A privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted time-series data platform
Hack for the Sea
An annual hackathon where technology and the ocean meet.
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Images in rustdoc

Published 02 May, 2020rustdoc, cargo doc,

According to The Cargo Book, there are several environment variables you can utilize within build scripts. Here, we use: : The target…

Notes: Shopify CLI Tool

Published 24 April, 2020Shopify, Shopify Apps Choose the node version? Koa Next Uses graphQL proxy?

Notes - Ceramic Technical Webinar

Published 16 April, 2020

Ceramic is a decentralized protocol that enables the creation of tamper resistant updatable documents. Signed with DID specific update rules…

Notes: Making Rust Delightful

Published 07 April, 2020Rust, Ergnomics

by Nick Cameron Twitter GitHub Rust wants to be a “practical” language Ergonomics: The Absence of friction Language matches mental model…

Notes: Interledger Architecture

Published 02 April, 2020interledger, blockchain, ILP-RFC 0001

What is Interledger? Interledger is an open protocol suite for sending payments across different ledgers. Like the Internet, connectors…

Notes: “Good Enough” Architecture

Published 01 April, 2020Talk Notes, GOTO 2019, Stefan Tilkov, Software Architecture, Microservices

@ stilkov | slides | video Abstract: In this session, we’ll take a look at some of the ways we can determine whether the development efforts…

Private IPFS Networks

Published 19 December, 2018IPFS, IPNS, Private IPFS Networks

The Interplanetary File System (IPFS) has two modes of operation: the public (default), and private. A private IPFS network is a collection…

How I host this website on IPFS

Published 06 December, 2018IPFS, IPNS

An email came in! Huzzah!! Omar asks: “Is relying on IPFS? If the answer is yes, could you say how is it that fast?” Omar and I had a…

Running IPFS on Docker

Published 05 December, 2018IPFS, Docker

Don’t want to install go, and can’t even be bothered with the tool? If you’ve got Docker installed, let’s do this. Setting Up the Docker…

Pushing the Limits of IPFS and OrbitDB

Published 24 January, 2018IPFS, OrbitDB

I’ve had my eye on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) project for since at least 2016. It’s the brand-new, content-addressed, non…

Podcast Transcription with Amazon Transcribe

Published 17 January, 2018podcasting, transcription, AWS

Transcribing podcasts is one of the most painstaking and time-consuming parts of being a podcaster. I was delighted when I recieved the…

What is a Digital Object Identifier (DOI)?

Published 29 June, 2017reference

If you’ve ever looked through scientific papers, trade journals, or data sets you’ve likely encountered a Digital Object Identifier. This…