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Images in rustdoc

Embedding media in cargo-generated Rust docs

May 02, 2020 ๏ฝœ rustdoc, cargo doc,

According to The Cargo Book, there are several environment variables you can utilize within build scripts. Here, we use:

  • HOST: The target โ€œtripleโ€ of the compilation host
  • CARGO_PKG_NAME: The name of the package
  • TARGET: Target โ€œtripleโ€ being compiled for aka x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
use std::{ env, fs };
use fs_extra::copy_items;

const COPY_OPTS: fs_extra::dir::CopyOptions = fs_extra::dir::CopyOptions {
    buffer_size: 64000,
    overwrite: true,
    skip_exist: false,
    copy_inside: false,
    depth: 0

/// Copies media files (images, etc) of the  ./doc/assets folder into the
/// appropriate ./doc/img subfolder to be included in the output.
fn copy_assets_folder() {
    // Should panic if these aren't a thing
    let host = env::var("HOST").unwrap();
    let crate_name = std::env::var("CARGO_PKG_NAME").unwrap();
    let target = std::env::var("TARGET").unwrap();

    // If the target is the same as the host AND no target is
    // _explicitly specified, the directory will be ./target/doc,
    // Elsewhere, the directory will be ./target/{triple}/doc.
    // FIXME: target == host WITH explicitly specified --target
    // Also, Gotta deal with crates that might have a dash in their name
    let sanitized_name = crate_name.replace("-", "_");
    let docs_dir = if host != target {
        format!("./target/{}/doc/{}", target, sanitized_name)
    } else {
        format!("./target/doc/{}", sanitized_name)

    // Pre-emptively create the directory and copy ./doc/img into there
    copy_items(&vec!["./doc/img"], &docs_dir, &COPY_OPTS).unwrap();

fn main() {