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Notes - Ceramic Technical Webinar

April 16, 2020 |

Ceramic is a decentralized protocol that enables the creation of tamper resistant updatable documents.

  • Signed with DID
  • specific update rules
  • uses IPLD
  • blockchain anchoring (any blockchain)

    • Don’t need to care about state of entire blockchain

Document lifecycle


  1. Genesis record - CID


  1. Signature record
  2. Anchor record to blockchain via anchoring service
  3. Iterating 2 and 3

Looking up a document

  • docid is needed. ceramic://<CID-of-genesis-record>?version=<CID-of-anchor-record> or multiaddr
  • lookup request to ceramic pubsub topic

document log TBD get info from README

Blockchain anchoring aggregates many updates from many users